Meet Renato

Hi. I'm a men's discussion group facilitator
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Hi. I’m Renato. I’m an Ecuadorian corporative communications graduate. I have experience working as a Secondary School Spanish Literature teacher.
If there is a word that describes me completely, it is “Communication”. I firmly believe that communication is the key to personal growth, as it allows us to be understood by others and to understand others. For me, it is also the only way we have in order to leave our contribution to this world. Everything we do, communicates; from our gestures to our silences. A student asking, a teacher explaining, a content developer designing messages, everything around us has something to say and so do we, each one of us. Not to mention how important it is to communicate with ourselves from time to time. That is why I try to emphasise on the importance of learning how to communicate effectively, speaking clearly and listening closely; because, at the end of the day, the difference between success and failure is just a matter of communication.