Who is mentoring for?

Mentoring is for anyone who is an entrepreneur, coach, consultant or freelance professional.

Why mentoring will help you?

Mentoring will help you as you’ll receive the opportunity to get the straight answers that you need to take your business forwards. The Better Life founder’s experience as a coach and entrepreneur will help you save time and money in the long run.

You’ll receive a combination of advice, training, teaching, an element of coaching, goal setting, guiding and motivating. As a mentee, the mentor will also connect you with other like-minded people if he feels they can add value to your business/project.

What type of mentoring could you get help with?

Starting your business

Building your website.

Creating a logo.

Creating an animated video to explain your business’ content.

A video intro for your business.

Creating a business card.

Registering and setting up a new business.

The legal parts of starting a new business.

Public Speaking

Getting your first public speaking gig.

Becoming a better public speaker.

Automating your business

Learn how to grow your team and how to outsource tasks to other people so you can concentrate on your strengths.

Creating your first or set of online course/s.

Marketing your business

Figuring out the equipment you need to record your first VLOG, interview or video.

Social Media: Strategy, tools and tactics.

Influencer Marketing.



Building a mailing list/e-newsletter.

Pay Per Click (PPC).

Email Marketing: Strategy and tactics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Publishing your first book

Writing your first book and getting it published.

Running your first event/workshop

How to market your event.

How to build a team to support your event.

Creating flyers and posters.

How to write up a press release.


Selling your own merchandise/e-commerce shop:

Selling your own branded t-shirts and merchandise.

Getting exposure at other events:

Networking and connecting with valuable contacts that can better help you achieve your goal/s for your business.

Getting a stall/space at large events.


Finding clients no matter wherever you are based.

Coaching in schools, universities, prisons, etc.

Where do the mentoring sessions happen?

You have the choice of either having sessions online or face-to-face at the Better Life practise in Victoria, Central London, UK.

Whichever of the two works better for you can be discussed in the 15 minutes consultation call.

How much do the mentoring sessions cost?

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What's the next step if you want to book yourself a mentoring session?

If you have any further questions about mentoring book yourself a FREE 15 minutes consultation call by clicking here.