Entrepreneur & Coach

“When I reached out to Mauricio for coaching sessions, I was overwhelmed with a new field of work and the possibilities that came with it. I was struggling to find my specific business niche, one that reflected my true authentic self. I was confident that coaching would help bring clarity to this situation, but the sessions with Mauricio brought me more than that. With his unique coaching style and empathetic way of helping people, Mauricio went with me on a journey of self-discovery. By working on challenges of self-confidence and acceptance/discovery of who I am, I was also able to understand better what are my career goals and the next steps for my business. Now, after 2 months since our first session, I have doubled my motivation, defined my niche, walked through marketing strategies and plan to launch my business to the world this month. And even before all that, I’ve got 3 paid clients! Having had coaching sessions with Mauricio was crucial to be able to unblock my career path and define a clear timeline to achieve my goals.”